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Qualty Products

Zoe Vaughan Photography use the best quality materials to print your precious images.


By using good quality materials we are insuring that your much loved photographic memories will last for many years. Would you pay $10 less to have a product that in 2 years needs to be replaced or reprinted? We believe in doing a good job the first time so you don't ever need to replace it.


Paper Prints


Paper Prints are edited by Zoe Vaughan Photography to a professional standard. Prints are then printed at professional photo lab. These prints are archival witha 50+ year guarentee.


Canvas Prints


Some canvas printers will tell you that the reason to laminate a canvas is to protect the colours from fading. But the truth is that even under a direct UV light, an un-laminated print will still hold its colour for decades and decades.


In fact, the reasons to laminate a canvas print are because:

•Protects the canvas from chipping and cracking

•Prevents mould / fungus from forming on the canvas

•Protects from airborne contaminants like cigarette smoke, cooking fumes, etc

•Colours are enriched

•Contrast is increased

•Allows the canvas to be wiped with a wet cloth to clean it


Our canvas, printed using a pigment ink, and laminated, has been independently tested by Wilhelm Research to last 100+ years. Those that don't laminate are possibly halving the longevity of their canvases.


There are a range of laminates and everyone uses a different brand, but they should all use either an acrylic laminate, or for humid locations (north of about Newcastle), a polyurethane laminate. Our laminate has proven high flexibility, UV blocking, scratch resistance and anti-fungal properties. It is also low-sheen and ultra clear. Is is sprayed on using a high volume, low pressure spraying system.


-Quoted from suplliers website.


Photobook Albums


State-of-the-art printing technology, bookstore quality, coffee table book styling, strict color management and quality control, combined with precision hand binding, allow our PhotoBook to to be a quality product that is without comparison.


A beautiful full colour image book containing your precious images, a perfect way to display and store your treasured photographs.